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What to Sell Before You Finalize a Florida Luxury Residence Purchase

by Christine Citrano P.A. 10/29/2018

If your offer to buy a Florida luxury residence was accepted, it may be only a few weeks before you can move into your new house. As such, you'll have just a short period of time to pack up your belongings prior to moving day.

Of course, you may want to sell certain items before you finalize your Florida luxury home purchase, such as:

1. Cold-Weather Apparel and Accessories

The Sunshine State offers beautiful year-round weather. Therefore, your winter coat, mittens and other cold-weather apparel and accessories won't be required in Florida.

Fortunately, if your cold-weather apparel and accessories are in great condition, you may be able to sell them before moving day arrives.

List your cold-weather apparel and accessories online, and you should have no trouble stirring up plenty of interest in these items. Or, you can always host a yard sale to get rid of your cold-weather apparel and accessories as quickly as possible.

2. Rake and Snow Shovel

Although you may have enjoyed the leaves falling from trees and changing colors in fall or the first snowfall of winter, these seasonal milestones simply won't happen in Florida. This means that you probably won't need a rake or snow shovel once you reach your Florida luxury house.

When in doubt, you can reach out to family members and friends to find out if they are interested in your rake or snow shovel. Furthermore, you may be able to donate these items to local charities.

3. Home Decorations

A move to a Florida luxury house represents a fresh start. Thus, you may want to sell some of your home decorations, as this will enable you to personalize your Florida luxury residence to complement your unique style.

Remember, the decorations that you set up years ago in your current residence might not match the décor in your Florida luxury house. But if you consider how you'd like to decorate your Florida luxury house prior to your move, you can determine which décor to bring to your new address.

Consider the size of your decorations as well – you'll be glad you did. If large decorations won't fit in your Florida luxury house, you should try to sell these items sooner rather than later.

If you're relocating to a luxury home in South Beach, Orlando or elsewhere in the Sunshine State, it helps to plan ahead. Thankfully, many real estate agents are available to ensure that you can prep for moving day.

In addition to helping you discover your ideal Florida luxury residence, a real estate agent can offer expert recommendations about how to get ready for a Sunshine State move. This housing market professional can put you in touch with the best moving companies and help you sell various items before you relocate.

Collaborate with a real estate agent today, and ultimately, you can get the support that you need to enjoy a quick, seamless move into a Florida luxury house.

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